VulgarGrad at Fed Square, 27 March

VulgarGrad’s last Melbourne gig for the foreseeable future (though we are notoriously short-sighted) is happening next Sunday, 27 March at Federation Square, as part of Viva Victoria Festival. See here for more details. VulgarGrad will be on at 2.30 in the afternoon on the main stage. Lots of other fine acts are also performing on the day, including the brilliant Bombay Royale and Dereb the Ambassador.


Speaking of amazing musicians who have come to call Melbourne home, Russian-born ARIA-winning singer Zulya – a long-time VulgarGrad collaborator – will also be giving her last Melbourne concert for a while. With her incredible band, The Children of the Underground, Zulya will be performing at Revolt in Kensington on Saturday 26 March, supported by The Twoks. Details here. This may be the last time you can see Zulya perform for a while, and certainly the first, last, and only time you will see the expanded line-up of the Children of the Underground: Anthony Schulz on piano accordion, Eamon McNelis on trumpet, Lucas Michailidis on guitar, Justin Marshall on drums and Andrew Tanner on double bass. Should be an amazing evening!


До скорого!

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