It’s been a while – it’ll actually something like 11 months – since our last gig in Australia. It’s tough when your lead singer is in jail in Poland (that’s what he told us, anyway). So to partly make up for it, we’ve booked 5 shows in Aus. Unfortunately, that’s as much as we can manage before the band members go their separate ways again. Get your zhopa down to a show in Melbourne, Sydney (2 shows!), Brisbane or Lismore!

We’re actually going to be launching our new single at the gigs: LIMONCHIKI. At the moment, you can get it on yellow vinyl here (from Germany), soon to be downloadable. And you should be able to get the 7″ in good record shops around Australia soon, too.

Thu, 14 June, The Northcote Social Club (MEL) w/Tek Tek Ensemble

Wed, 20 June, The Vanguard (SYD) w/Fanny Lumsden

Thu, 21 June, The Vanguard (SYD) w/Mr. Fibby

Fri, 22 June, The Joynt, (BRI) w/Greshka

Sat 23 June, Lismore Lantern Parade (NSW)

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